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UroLift Reviews

UroLift is a one-time procedure completed on an outpatient basis that can bring immediate relief from the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). This common disorder typically strikes middle-aged and older men with symptoms such as pelvic pain, urgent need to urinate, incontinence, and other troubling symptoms. If you’re considering this procedure, you naturally want to know how well it has worked for others. Below are some patient testimonials and reviews of the UroLift System that can help you decide if UroLift is right for you.

Patient Feedback After Having UroLift Performed

A common refrain expressed by men on the UroLift website is that they feel younger and more energetic than they have in years. That is because the procedure eliminated embarrassing urinary problems and improved sexual performance to a level they had not expected.

Living with BPH symptoms can make men feel more anxious about the possibility of later developing prostate cancer. Many expressed great relief at no longer having to worry if every pain in the reproductive area or new symptom meant they now had cancer.

Here are some specific patient experiences:

  • Bob: His BPH symptoms had him waking up five times a night. After visiting a doctor and going on medication, the nightly bathroom trips reduced to two. During the day, Bob had to excuse himself while making sales presentations to clients to use the restroom. Bob now sleeps through the night, can make it through client meetings just fine, and returned to work just 48 hours after receiving UroLift.
  • John: This patient found moderate relief with medication but eventually the symptoms returned. He felt desperate for permanent relief and eventually found a doctor who just started offering UroLift. In fact, John was the first patient for whom he performed the procedure. He states the recovery was far better than he expected and that he traveled from Washington to Colorado with no issues just two weeks later.

Ask Your Urologist About UroLift

UroLift has now been available for over five years after receiving approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in September 2013. If you’re struggling with BPH symptoms and find medication ineffective or don’t want to undergo major surgery, ask your urologist about the possibility of receiving this simple and life-changing procedure today.

Learn More About The Procedure

Here at Bellingham Urology Group, we’re proud to announce that we’ve been recognized as a UroLift Center of Excellence by UroLift.com. You can learn more about our procedure here.

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