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Newborn Circumcision

Newborn Circumcision

Newborn Circumcision services offered in Bellingham and Mount Vernon, WA

Newborn circumcision is an elective procedure you may consider for your son soon after birth. The urology specialists at Bellingham Urology Group offer in-office circumcisions for newborns up to two months old. You can avoid the stress and expense of going to a hospital and getting the high-quality medical care your child deserves. Call the Bellingham or Mount Vernon, Washington, office to schedule a newborn circumcision consultation or book an appointment online today. 

What is newborn circumcision?

Circumcision is a minimally invasive surgical procedure to remove the layer of skin (foreskin) that covers the head of the penis.

Bellingham Urology Group offers newborn circumcisions in-office for babies up to two months old. In-office procedures are fast, and there’s a low risk of complications.

The providers also offer circumcisions for older males. If your child is older than two months, the providers can complete the procedure in a surgical center.

What should I consider when deciding about newborn circumcision?

Some people make the decision to have their son circumcised for religious, cultural, social, or personal beliefs. You may also consider circumcision for the future health benefits it offers your child, including:

  • Easier hygiene
  • Lower risk for penile cancer
  • Reduced risk for urinary tract infections
  • Less risk for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)

A circumcision is an elective procedure, and the choice is yours to make. Bellingham Urology Group providers offer educational resources that help you make the best decision for your child and their health.

Your child may not be a candidate for circumcision if they have penile abnormalities, blood clotting disorders, or other medical conditions that can increase their risk for complications. Premature newborns are also not candidates for circumcisions while they are still receiving medical care.

If you have any questions or concerns about newborn circumcision, contact the office to discuss them with the medical staff.

What happens during newborn circumcision?

During newborn circumcision, the Bellingham Urology Group providers clean your baby’s penis and foreskin. They can also administer a local anesthetic and an oral analgesic to keep your newborn comfortable and free of pain.

The physicians then attach a special clamp to the penis before cutting and removing the foreskin. The procedure only takes a few minutes. When it’s complete, the providers apply petroleum jelly to the wound and in your baby’s diaper to prevent friction.

After a newborn circumcision, you will need to keep your baby’s penis clean and apply petroleum jelly at each diaper change. The wound may appear red or leak yellow fluid while it heals. Skin typically heals within 7-10 days.

Call Bellingham Urology Group to schedule a newborn circumcision consultation or book an appointment online today.