UroLift Treatment For Benign Enlarged Prostate BPH

Bellingham Urology Group is offering a new and innovative treatment for Benign (non-cancerous) Prostate Enlargement (BPH). BPH is a common condition in older males, typically occurring after 40 years of age. 25% of men will eventually need surgery of some kind to relieve the symptoms set on by BPH. Most avoid treatment due to long recovery times associated with surgery or the adverse affects caused by medication.

UroLift® is the alternative solution for males seeking to improve their quality of living, without the adverse affects of standard BPH treatments. UroLift® also does not have the sexual side effects associated with traditional surgery and has been performed for over 3 years internationally.

Bellingham Urology Group is one of the first clinics in the region to offer this new and innovative service for Benign Prostate Enlargement relief. Call us today to learn more!