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Jan 18, 2018 |

A regular kidney stone sufferer, I found myself in the fall of 2016 at Dr Orton’s office. I have had kidney stone issues off and on again since I was young, and most recently having mild pain for the past year in my upper left groin area. I did have stones, but there was something else going on and the emergency room visits were leading to no success at the hospital. After x-rays and careful consideration, Dr Orton suggested that I would be a great candidate for Robotic Surgery at our local hospital. I am happy to say he was right. I was so pleased with the knowledge that Dr. Orton brought and the follow up care that he provided. He took the time to explain all the procedures to me, was gentle when the nerves got the best of me and was a frequent visitor to my hospital room post surgery. His expertise and care are invaluable.

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