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Pediatric Urology

As your Bellingham Urologists, we provide a full range of services and treatments for all pediatric urologic issues. Dr. John Pettit & Dr. Vernon Orton are both fathers and take special care to do so in a kind, patient, and personalized manner, making sure young patients and their parents understand, and are comfortable with, treatment.

Common pediatric urologic problems and treatments include:

  • Newborn Circumcision. Our staff is highly experienced at this procedure and dedicated to making it as stress- and pain-free as possible for both patients and parents.
  • Urinary tract infections. UTI’s can occur in infants or children. Typical symptoms displayed by infants include blood in the urine, crankiness, drowsiness, and poor feeding. Typical symptoms seen in children include burning urination, feelings of frequency and urgency even when the bladder is not full, and foul-smelling urine. If the infection has spread to the kidneys, the child may experience fever, vomiting, and back pain. Parents seeing these signs in an infant or child should schedule an office visit, during which a culture will be taken and an exam given. The results of the culture and exam will determine the best treatment path.
  • Bedwetting. This is a normal and common problem for children under five and is usually the result of a slowly developing bladder, which can be unable to hold urine for a whole night or make it difficult for the child to recognize when his/her bladder is full. While anxiety can on occasion be a factor, most children who suffer from bedwetting are physically and emotionally normal. An office visit, featuring an examination, will help Dr. Pettit determine the best treatment in each individual case.
  • Genital abnormalities, including hypospadias, a condition, occurring in roughly 1 out of every 150-300 boys, in which the urethra is not at the tip of the penis.

Pediatric urologic problems can cause needless stress, worry, embarrassment, and suffering in both parent and child. Any parent witnessing any of the above symptoms should schedule an office visit and consultation.