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Male Urologic Health

Our Clinic provides a full range of diagnostic and treatment options for common male urologic problems, including:

  • Prostate Enlargement. A common problem in men over 40, enlarged prostate is associated with bothersome urinary symptoms that interfere with normal activities during the day and often cause troubled sleep at night. Depending on severity, this problem can be treated in many ways, including Microwave Thermotherapy and photovaporization, most of which can be done in-office.
  • Sexual Dysfunction, which includes erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and anejaculation (patient is unable to ejaculate or has difficulty doing so). These are very common problems and can affect men of any age. Causes can be vascular (related to blood flow), biological (including hormone levels and abnormal reflex activity), neurological, psychological (current stress or depression), or some combination of these. Often, sexual dysfunction goes unreported and therefore untreated. Our physicians are dedicated to providing personalized, effective treatment plans.
  • Male Infertility. Reproductive difficulties can also result from a variety of causes.Our physicians work personally with each patient to diagnose and formulate a treatment plan.
  • Vasectomy Reversal. Vasectomy is a common, safe, and effective means of male contraception. And, un-reversed, it is usually a permanent one. But lives, situations, and minds can sometimes change. When they do, vasectomy reversal is a safe and effective treatment, resulting in a return to fertility.

Male urologic issues are often underreported and their severity is often underestimated. Anyone experiencing any of the above problems, as well as any other disorders of the testes/scrotum, prostate, penis, bladder, or urethra should schedule an appointment.