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Incontinence Symptoms Quiz

There are many myths around incontinence. Some say it’s a natural part of aging. Some say nothing but surgery can fix it.
Both are UNTRUE.
While it is normal for changes to happen to your body as you age, incontinence doesn’t have to be one of those changes. But if it is, there are many treatment options that are considered well before surgery.
No matter the cause, age, number of childbirths, or illness, there are options.

If you are worried about leaking or urgency, take this quick test to help decipher the kind of incontinence you may be experiencing and some treatments that may be recommended for you.


Incontinence Quiz

Our clinic specializes in Urge Incontinence, Stress Incontinence, Overflow Incontinence, and Mixed Incontinence.   Learn more by starting the conversation with our expert staff or by requesting an appointment.