Our clinic specializes in circumcisions of all ages. Learn more by starting the conversation with our expert staff or by requesting an appointment.

newborn circumcisions
Types of Circumcisions
  • NewbornBellingham Urology Group performs newborn circumcisions on infants up to two months of age in the office, so there’s no need for a hospital visit.  That means lower stress and lower cost for your family.

Other Types of Circumcisions
  • Pediatric. Bellingham Urology Group also performs circumcisions on older boys in our on-site Ambulatory Surgery Center, avoiding the stress and expense of a hospital procedure.

  • AdultAdults sometimes find it necessary or desirable to undergo circumcision.  Whether for religious, social, or medical reasons, you can have that procedure performed in our on-site Ambulatory Surgery Center with our caring, experienced, clinical team.